Sex-starved wife finds other means

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An 18-year-old married woman recently left a traditional court gathering stunned after she told the court that her polygamous husband was starving her of sex to a point that she had to propose love to a neighbour.

Locadia Mthendeleki (18) of Gokwe was giving evidence before a traditional court presided over by Chief Njelele after her husband, Mr Limol Mthendeleki (49) had sought the court to fine his neighbour, Nelson Mpofu for flirting with Locadia.

During cross examination, Locadia admitted that she was having an extra-marital affair with Mpofu but pleaded with the court not to fine him because a�?he is the one who quenches my sex cravings since my husband has five wives and is failing to satisfy us alla�?.

Chief Njelele who normally observes the court proceedings in silence as his aides cross examine those appearing before his court had to intervene to restore order as the people went into hysteria, laughing lungs at Locadiaa��s bluntness.

a�?I admit that my husband who is the complainant here caught me pants down with Nelson Mpofu when he came home unannounced. He has five wives and I am the last and youngest of them. The major problem is that he spends most of his time with other wives and comes to my house after a month. He starves me of sex a lot,a�? said Locadia drawing laughter from the gathering.

Locadia shocked the court when she even admitted that she was the one who proposed love from Mpofu as she could not contain her sex urge.

a�?I am the one who told him that I miss sex because my husband was always away. He understood my situation and agreed to have sex with me. At times we would have unprotected sex,a�? said Locadia.

Mpofu confirmed before the court that Locadia was the one who would visit him at his homestead.

a�?At times she would come during odd hours and we would kill up time while playing radio, at some point I commented at the manner she would suggestively dance to music and that was when she said there was no problem if we could be lovers since she was not getting sex at home,a�? he said

Mthendeleki also admitted before the court that he was starving her youngest wife.

a�?I am the one to blame but I still love my wife. I was not doing my duties as a man and I will have to change my attitude,a�? said Mthendeleki after he was asked if he still loved his wife.

He insisted that he loved her even with groans of disapproval from the attendees after Locadia revealed that at times she would indulge in sex with Mpofu without protection.

In his ruling Chief Njelele fined Locadia $80 arguing that her behaviour was shameful not to her alone but the entire womanhood.

a�?If the husband insists that he loves his wife even after she revealed before this court that she at times would have unprotected sex with Mpofu, I have to fine the wife $80 because of her shameful behaviour. Her case is quite understandable but for her to then initiate an adulterous affair is unAfrican; she needed to engage her husband,a�? he said.

Chief Njelele said by fining Mpofu, it would appear Mthendeleki was trying to make business out of his wifea��s adultery act.

a�?But even the Bible says a man must divorce a promiscuous wife but if Mthendeleki insists that he loves his wife, it would seem they want to make business out of this so I am not fining Mpofu,a�? said the Chief. a�� Zimpapers Syndication

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