Sex-starved hubby a�?calls it quitsa��

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A Bulawayo man wants to a�?call it quitsa�? in his marriage on grounds that his wife denied him conjugal rights for nearly two years after she unceremoniously moved out of their matrimonial house.

Wiriranai Mateveke said his nuptials to his wife Rumbidzai Mateveke were crumbling as they had not shared conjugal rights since December 2016.

For Wiriranai the literal meaning of his name a�� a�?you have to agree with each othera�? failed to work when his wife moved out of their matrimonial house leaving him behind with their two minor children.

Wiriranai revealed his marital woes at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he sought a protection order against his wife saying she was verbally abusing him.

He accompanied his application for a restraining order with divorce summons in which he indicated that their marriage had irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there are no prospects for a restoration after Rumbidzai abandoned their marital home sometime in August in 2017 and relocated to Beitbridge.

a�?I am legally married to Rumbidzai Mateveke and she deserted our matrimonial home on her own accord, leaving me behind together with our minor children. For the time she was away from home she just visited thrice to cover up for her shenanigans.

a�?She is now in the habit of sending me insulting and threatening messages. I have since filed for divorce because I cannot bear her behaviour of moving out of the matrimonial home willy-nilly.

a�?Allowing her to do that is as good as legitimising her bad actions, much as there is a potential threat of exposing me to diseases as I do not know how she is conducting herself when she is in Beitbridge,a�? said Wiriranai.

In his divorce summons he also indicated that he had lost all love and affection for his wife and does not wish to remain married to her.

In her response, Rumbidzai admitted that she a�?unceremoniouslya�? moved out of the matrimonial house before she shockingly suggested that Wiriranai should not stop her from visiting him since their marriage still subsisted.

a�?The last time we stayed together as husband and wife was in December 2016. When I visit him I will be bringing him food for the children. He should not stop me from visiting him where he is currently staying because we havena��t divorced yet,a�? suggested Rumbidzai.

The presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered Rumbidzai not to verbally and emotionally abuse her estranged husband and not to visit him where he is currently staying without his consent.