a�?Sex-mada�� man pesters unclea��s wife for sex

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A seemingly troubled woman told a magistrate sitting at the Bulawayo Civil Court how she was grappling with sexual overtures from her husbanda��s nephew who was constantly demanding to be intimate with her.

An upset Maggie Masuku claimed she was being tormented by her husbanda��s nephew Alfred Chikwesere who was continually pestering her for sex.

She said she started experiencing the challenge when her husband went to South Africa adding that Chikwesere was quite demanding and daring as he pesters her daily.

Masuku said her messages to him are loud and clear that he must stop pestering her for sex since she is not sex-starved despite the fact that her husband is away.

But that blunt rejection still hasna��t put Chikwesere off, prompting Masuku to seek a protection order against him.

a�?Alfred Chikwesere is my husbanda��s nephew. Whenever my husband is away he makes sexual advances towards me, even if I refuse he keeps on pestering me. I fear that he might end up raping me since my husband is based in South Africa and I stay alone.

a�?Whenever I turn him down he becomes violent and at one time he threatened to assault me,a�? narrated Masuku.

She begged the court to grant an order that stops Chikwesere from stalking her for sex saying it was a sign of disrespect.

a�?I want the court to stop him from pestering me for sex and coming to my house without my permission. At one time he tried to seduce me by caressing me but I pushed him away.

a�?It really gets me down and I just dona��t know how much longer I can put up with his behaviour,a�? added a troubled Masuku.

Chikwesere who is employed by Home Guard Security Company failed to defend himself leading the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to grant an order which stops him from making any sexual advances towards Masuku.

He was also ordered not to visit her place without her consent. camagra.