sex after birth

Sex life after giving birth

why is relafen discontinued. Will childbirth affect your sex life?
YES, it certainly will! So please dona��t expect that everything will instantly return to normal.

Men are particularly likely to believe this. A lot of young blokes think that theya��ll be able to have intercourse as soon as their partner gets home from hospital. But this just isna��t true.

You see, childbirth is a pretty traumatic process for a woman. Having a baby pass through her vagina is almost like having a small explosion go off inside her.

The delicate vaginal tissues are inevitably strained, bruised and torn a�� and it takes some weeks for these injuries to heal up.

Furthermore, childbirth involves considerable hormone changes a�� as well as emotional stresses. And as a consequence, very, very few women feel rampagingly sexy until a long time after they have given birth.

Therefore, ita��s important for both mother and father to realise that lovemaking may not go brilliantly in the first six months or so after the baby arrives. So be prepared a�� and be patient!

How soon can you resume having sex?
In 2013, a study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology stated that 41 percent of first-time mothers had had full vaginal sex by the time the baby was six weeks old.

Traditionally, midwives and doctors have advised that a woman shouldna��t consider having intercourse until after her postnatal check-up. This examination usually takes place about six weeks after the birth.

However, in recent years several American medical publications have pointed out that there is no real scientific basis for this a�?a�?prohibitiona��a�� until six weeks.

And some mothers have recently stated in internet communications that they felt pretty sexy within two or three weeks of childbirth and wanted to resume. Some say that they have done so, without any ill-effects.

Others are not so sure, particularly if they are still exhausted after giving birth. For the moment, medical advice remains that the average woman should postpone intercourse till after that six-week check-up.

Even then, she may not feel ready to a�?go all the waya�? a�� particularly if she has had stitches and the opening of her vagina is sore.

If youa��re in any doubt about whether to resume sex, ask the doctor who does your postnatal examination for advice – particularly about using additional lubrication.

Can you go in for any other sexual activity before resuming intercourse?
Yes a�� and it can be a good way of a�?a�?letting off steama��a��. Couples do often get very frustrated when theya��re waiting to resume sexual intercourse. This applies particularly to men!

So, in the meantime, you can go in for foreplay – though there is one very serious danger here. a��