a�?Sexa�� is a need

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THERE is one thing which people usually forget to mention when asked to list out needs. I do not know why sex is usually forgotten and I just decided to remind you so that next time it is on top of your list. When you keep it in mind, then you will always strive to have a healthy sex life.

One of the most common problems is a�?a�?deatha��a�� in the bedroom. This is when one or both parties start to feel unfulfilled in the bedroom and temperatures change from blazing hot to cold. In such a scenario, you both get affected emotionally, psychologically and so on. Sex is a need and therefore you should always boost your sex life.

Rule number one is to keep in mind that the bedroom is a sacred space for sex and sleep only!

As a couple, you should talk to each other to make sure you are both happy and sexually satisfied. If one or both of you are not, it may be time for a sex life makeover. There are always red flags to show that your sex life is going the wrong direction and must be dealt with immediately before things go bad in a relationship.

Sex is a need and not just a chore. If you view it like a chore that needs to be done weekly or twice a month then you and your partner need to switch things up between the sheets. Sex is best when it comes as a surprise; when it just happens out of nowhere.

Most people experience this at the beginning of their relationships. They are so much in love that they have sex almost any time of the day and on a regular basis. With time and age this changes and sex becomes a routine to such an extent that it becomes a duty. This is really the worst possible thing that can happen to your sex life. Know that sex which is planned is no sex at all!

Faking an orgasm also affects your sex life. It is as good as cheating and betrayal at its highest level. The minute one of you starts faking big O, it will become a habit and you will stop having a good time in the sack. If you are guilty of this or suspect that your partner is, you need to revive your sex life.

Most people like to fake their sense of satisfaction during sex to keep their partner from losing interest in them. Of course there are some women who think ita��s ideal to fake big O as they will be trying to meet their partnera��s expectations, to end the sexual encounter, presenting herself as a�?normala�?, but it kills the game.

If you find yourself feeling bored and sex time becoming a headache then you seriously need to buckle up and save your sex life. Have a heart-to-heart with your partner and come up with ways to make things exciting.

Sex must not be a quick affair, of course quickies do exist but sometimes, you need some slow, sensual sex to really heat things up in the bedroom. Sex is not just a means to produce newborns anymore, it has developed into a sort of recreation, that is to say, it is a need and people want it good. Every living being needs to have sex, it is what fulfils a couple and it is what makes them one, body and soul. You have to take your sex life seriously. As much as you are concerned with your diet, the same should apply to your sex life!

When you choose sleep over sex, then there is a problem. It is only fair that you should get a good nighta��s sleep, but if you avoid sex in order to sleep, then sorry to say, there is trouble. Many people often complain that their partners get tired and doze off. This means that something is wrong and your sex life is definitely going haywire. Better get sex as a sleeping pill and enjoy your night.

You should never relax and let your sex life get to a point where it becomes boring. When that whirl of his finger on the inside of your thighs does nothing to excite you, it is time you realise your sex life has taken a nose dive. It is when you have been used to the same old pattern of foreplay up to the climax that things start getting boring, so you just have to bring back the spark!

Sex is a need as it keeps your immune system humming, improves your bladder control and is just a great form of exercise which will keep you glowing!

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