Nokuthula Metsiabutsilo Sibanda

Sex-in-the-bush married woman scalds friend

Gibson Mhaka
A woman from Gwanda who busted a married churchmate in a bush act with a boyfriend nearly tragically paid for it with her own life, when she was burnt all over the body with boiling water as punishment for disturbing her.

Nokuthula Metsiabutsilo Sibanda from Mbuzimbili Line 4 Village under Chief Marupi is nursing severe burns on her neck, face, arms and breasts after she was allegedly scalded by Nokukhanya Nhliziyo.

This was after she reportedly reprimanded her that it was not proper for a married church woman to have a boyfriend.

Both Sibanda and Nhliziyo are reportedly members of the Zion Church.

Although, Sibanda and Nhliziyo could not be reached for comment, an account by a source from the area who claims to have intimate details of the incident revealed that trouble started after Sibanda, who was reportedly looking for firewood in the bush, busted Nhliziyo having a good time with her boyfriend.

Fearing that Sibanda would report her to her husband and church authorities,A� Nhliziyo is alleged to have quickly hatched up a plan to a�?fixa�? her when she confronted her and started accusing her of refusing to pay back her money a�� $1.

a�?Nhliziyo was angry with Sibanda because she thought she was going to report her to her husband that she had seen her with a boyfriend in the bush. In the company of her friend Viola Ncube she then went to Sibandaa��s house and started shouting at her while accusing her of refusing to pay back her money.

a�?She said a�?I will show you how mad I ama�� before she picked up the pot with the boiling water which was on the fireplace and threw the water at her,a�? said the source who requested anonymity.

The source said the matter was reported to the police a few days later but Sibanda decided to drop the charges at the instigation of her church members who feared that Nhliziyo might go to jail.

a�?Nhliziyo who tried to conceal the incident, could not bear the humiliation after word had spread around the village that she was caught with a boyfriend in the bush,a�? added the source.

Headman Tshelamatsi whose jurisdiction Sibanda and Nhliziyoa��s village falls under confirmed the incident,

a�?It is true that such an incident happened although, justice has not yet taken its course on Nokukhanya because her family is still trying to negotiate with Nokuthula (Sibanda) to drop the charges,a�? said Headman Tshelamatsi. is alli back in stock.

  • Je M’appelle Kindness Khupe

    why go to church , shout to God in praise then do nonsense, hypocrites

  • God of War

    Wow; she is injured for life but she drops the case cz the church doesn’t want the evil lady to go to jail. Really!!!!! Why do people let church rule their lives like this.