Sex for job deal blows up

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A MIDLANDS State University (MSU) student who lives in Victoria Falls was offered internship in exchange for a romantic relationship with a prospective recruiter.

Ratidzo (name changed for fear of victimisation) aged 23 currently studying Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology received emails from Patrick Mandivengerei following her posts on Twitter which contained her contact details seeking internship.

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Ratidzo said she was thrilled that her prayers had been heard when she received an email from Mandivengerei and later began communicating with him on WhatsApp.

a�?I was thrilled as I was getting agitated on not getting a job and now it seemed as if my prayers were being answered.

He raised my hopes saying he was connected to a lot of organisations and we moved from communicating through email to WhatsApp,a�? she said.

It was on WhatsApp that Ms Ratidzo began to notice cracks in the deal, as he started proposing love to her.

When he failed to get the response he favoured, he started harassing Ratidzo commenting on her statuses, even insinuating that she is loose because she drinks alcohol and that she will die of AIDS if she is not careful.

a�?But mark my words ukaramba uchimwa doro hauna upenyu iwe. 2020 unogona kusapfuura. Hakuna mu-USA akadai,a�? he said.

Ms Ratidzo went on to expose Patrick on Twitter through WhatsApp screenshots she posted. The post received a lot of attention especially from young females who went through the same ordeal while seeking attachment.

Due to social media responses it was later discovered that Patrick is not even a recruiter but a mere student on attachment too who has been conning young girls in that same manner offering them internship in exchange for a romantic relationship.

Asked for a comment he said he was just a child and was sorry for what he did as it was now costing him heavily.

a�?I apologise to Ratidzo and everyone else affected, I am just a child,a�? he said.

Midlands State University officials said they had not received a complaint from their student.