train party

Sex, alcohol and drugs at ‘get lost’ party

Showbiz Reporters


A “Get lost party” is usually accompanied by a train which ferries people to the secret location. This year the poorly attended party took a different path as people were ferried to the secret location by commuter omnibuses. 

Less than 40 people attended it and the poor organisation saw the event starting a bit late as the hosts struggled to set up the public address system.

The term “secret location” never applied to the event since everyone knew the venue and people drove there using their personal cars and the location was not in a bush but at a lodge. When the party began all hell broke loose and the party turned into an erotic sex party as the lodge itself was converted into a brothel.

The lodge had three rooms which were “open for business” because couples that wanted to have sex would go inside without any disturbances.

Unbeknown to the revellers and organisers there were B-Metro undercover reporters. The ladies present were used and exchanged as sex toys by different men since there were more men than women at this party. As soon as the sex rooms were full, some resorted to having sex in nearby trees. Some had sex behind the rooms. Later on in the night a fight broke out over women.

One man got more than he bargained for when he tried to invade a room where three men shared one woman. The invader was beaten up and struck with a beer bottle on the head and he fell unconscious. Women were not shy to show their goodies to lustful men.

Hard stuff such as dagga and Bronco cough mixture were on sale. This made some to opt for them since they are cheaper than alcohol. A regular spirit cooler or cider cost RTGS$8 and Bronco was sold for RTGS$5. Many girls were not aware of what was happening around them, some of them had already blacked out which gave some of the lustful men the green light to do whatever they wanted. One lady woke up crying rape as she was unaware that she had sex because she had a blackout. Her worry was that she could have had unprotected sex with an infected person. She was escorted by her friends to one of the sex rooms where they guarded her until she fell asleep.

Another fight broke out between some of the organisers, which was staged so as to avoid paying the PA system people. The event had not made money since there was a low turnout and the organisers were going to fail paying others who contributed to the event and they used a staged fight to escape paying out money. The party was supposed to be an all-night event but it ended around 2am and people were left stranded without transport in the middle of the night since the kombis that brought them had disappeared.