Elikem and son

Secret is out! Polikema��s child ID exposed

Bruce Ndlovu vigra.
After months of dodging the spotlight, celebrity couple Elikem and Pokello have finally relented from public pressure and shown the first snap of their infant while also divulging his name to the public for the first time.

The two had so far kept a tight lid on their family, stretching back from the time the former Zimbabwean Big Brother winner fell pregnant last year.

Pokello vehemently denied she was pregnant prior to that, attacking everyone on social media who suggested she had a baby bump.

However, the cat seemed to have come out of the bag earlier this year when Elikem started posting pictures of an unknown baby boy, while the two also shared pictures of a holiday where they were seen pushing an infant on a stroller.

In a later interview the former Big Brother contestants revealed that they were not prepared to share the identity of their baby boy as they wanted to shield him from the public scrutiny that their relationship attracted.

However, this week Ghanaian Elikem seemed to relax the a�?no publicity policya�� as he took to photo sharing site Instagram sharing the picture and name of his son.

a�?PRODUCT OF MY VERY OWN SEED. #mySon #MyJoy. #MyStorngNight #GodHasEstablished You and you will definatley (sic) bring the world together. I miss you Elikem Tristan Tasimba Kumordzie. See you in a bit,a�? he wrote in a hashtag laden post.

The post seemingly laid to rest some of the speculation that has been hounding the couple about the identity of their child or if they had indeed had a child after Elikem paid an alleged $25 000 bride prize last year.