tytan and Olinda

Scandal rocks Tytan, Olinda union

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HIGH riding muso Njabulo Nkomo affectionately known as Tytan Skhokho has also found himself in similar waters his predecessor found himself in a��cheating scandal!

Tytan, who last year made United Kingdom based socialite, Olinda Chapel, an honest woman after her nasty break up with rapper Stunner was busted flirting with Tallyn Ndudzo another UK-based woman.

Ndudzoa��s claim to fame is that early this year her nude pictures leaked on social media sending tongues wagging.

Apparently her nudes are not the only things to leak and cause a stir, her snap chats with Tytan have also found their way into the public domain.

In the chats, Tytan seemed to be flirting with her and that didna��t go down well with Olinda.

Olinda is known for drama and Tytan knows too. As such, he has since publicly apologised to his wife.

a�?First of all I want to apologise to my wife (Olinda Chapel-Nkomo) for having an inappropriate conversation with another woman regardless of the context presented,a�? he said on his facebook timeline.

The Bho hit-maker claims he was trapped and it was Ndudzoa��s intentions to put him on the wall of shame.

a�?My ego was played on and I fell into the trap, that was disrespectful,a�? he added to his defense.
Tytan says Ndudzo was up to destroying his marriage.

a�?She said my marriage would end and I would come to her because Ia��m her type and I would look for better sex from her,a�? he added.

In the midst of the storm Olinda stood by her husband posting on her facebook timeline that this was just but a phase and ita��s normal for people to flirt and that she always flirts with different men and ita��s not a big deal.

a�?Everyone flirts . . . hell I was flirting with the KFC guy just to get a little extra chicken and free dips. Unfortunately you flirted with someone that was recording you and keeping a file and you fell for it,a�? she said.

Tytan was working on his new musical video of the single Let me Fall when he got caught up in the web.