Nokuthula Ncube (L) and her mother

‘Sangoma’ has taste for green bottles!

Gibson Mhaka/Zibusiso Moyo

NOKUTHULA Ncube, a shebeen queen-cum-sangoma is accused of conducting fake healings and rituals.

In her craft she’s clever because she does not render services to people referred by strangers.

When a B-Metro news crew went undercover at her Gwabalanda home, she refused to attend to reporters. But after name dropping an associate of hers she gave in.

In a way that arouses suspicions, she asked the news crew to come the following day saying she needs to first confirm from her accomplice if it was true that she was the one who had referred us.

The visit came after several complaints from the victims who claimed Ncube was a “bogus” sangoma who was only after people’s money and property.

In separate interviews, the victims said they were devastated to learn that they had been mercilessly conned through the same way of being asked to pay large sums of money as consultation fees and “housecleaning” rituals.

“What is so suspicious about Ncube is that she only attends to people who would have been referred to her by someone she knows.

“She needs someone close to her victim to first come and briefly tell her about the problem troubling her would-be client so that by the time that person visits her she would have known his or her problem.

“This is to make sure that when she attends to the client and subsequently ‘foretells’ his or her problems one would quickly believe her so that whenever she demands money they will happily pay thinking their problems are going to be solved,” said a victim who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

Another victim who claimed they were asked to buy clear beer so that they have a festivity in preparation for his initiation into a sangoma had no kind words for Ncube. He labelled her a “serial fraudster”. The victim said the beer was later consumed during a stokvel which was held at Ncube’s house.

“I was told to buy only green-bottled beers and not brown ones under the pretext that the ancestors will not be happy if I buy the latter. I thought the beers were for the initiation ceremony but I was shocked when it was consumed during a stokvel meeting she hosted at her house,” said the victim who also requested anonymity.

According to the victim, during the staged cleansing, a voice spoke from within the dwelling stating that his home was possessed and that he needed to perform a ritual to get rid of evil from his life. The voice instructed the victim to hand over $200 to the sangoma to purchase beer and some items that were going to be used during the initiation ceremony.

Some of her clients are afraid to demand back their money because Ncube reportedly used violence against them.

‘’She is violent and during consultations she even shouts at us when we ask her some questions on things we didn’t understand. She once publicly humiliated a couple which had challenged her.

“She does not even care about her clients, what she wants is money and if you are her client and do not have enough money, she chases you away,’’ added another victim.

According to sources Ncubes’ mother is the one who is a sangoma and she (Ncube) is now taking advantage of her old age to deceive people that she had anointed her to also become a sangoma.

The source further said Ncube and her mother do not see eye to eye as the latter is accusing her of putting the name of the family into disrepute by masquerading as an inyanga.

When asked to comment on the allegations levelled against her, Ncube was evasive saying she was out of town and would only respond when she came back.

When she was asked if she was a registered sangoma Ncube fumed:

“I am a genuine and registered sangoma but the problem is that my certificate was burnt.

“I also want to know those people who are coming to you claiming I duped them. If they have problems they should come to me rather than going to the Press.”

Her elderly mother declined comment on their alleged feud.


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