Sandra Ndebele defends Ammara Brown

Sandra-NdebeleBruce Ndlovu
Ammara Brown surprised many a fortnight ago when she took to social network Twitter to air out her preferences when it comes to sex and men.
Instead of the usual music and arts talk that is the staple of celebrity social media pages, the songbird took her time to enlighten fans and followers of what pleases and turns her off between the sheets.

It was indeed surprising to see a high profile Zimbabwean artiste engage fans on personal matters as most prefer to keep the eyes of the public as far away as possible from their dirty laundry.

With the belief that fans are not kind to artistes that dona��t toe the conservative line, celebrities in the country believe that it is perhaps better to play it safe and present a squeaky clean front that cana��t be criticised by hard to please fans.

Over the years artistes, especially female musicians, have come under fire whenever they have strayed from the unspoken rules of behaviour on or off stage.

Whether it is by being promiscuous, revealing too much flesh on stage or being perceived to have loose morals, female artistes have often incurred the wrath of the public for their behaviour.

Ammaraa��s views on her standards on sex are therefore the more surprising because they came on twitter, where celebrities have very often had to eat their words because of their utterances which, like hers did, spread like wildfire in a few minutes.

The question that needs to be asked therefore is if her honesty overstepped the mark. Did she put her career in danger by telling fans what she likes outside the studio?

Is bedroom talk forbidden or have fans changed their conservative views when it comes to the way artistes conduct and express themselves off stage?

One artiste who has been on trial in the court of public opinion over the years, is Sandra Ndebele. The dancing queen says that perceptions have not changed much as people are still quick to judge artistes.

a�?In my opinion perceptions have not changed at all because our culture still overpowers the voice of artistes and people are still just as quick to label them as they were years ago,a�? she said.

Ndebele also added that things were still hard for female performers in the country, as people were usually quick to condemn them for behaviour they adopted from foreign artistes.

a�?People still contradict themselves a lot when it comes to female artistes because they will clap for Beyonce in her skimpy outfits but will look away when a local artiste steps out in a swimming costume,a�? she said.

A quick glance at the reactions of people on twitter on the day she posted her views reveals that criticism is still the order of the day in some quarters. Some of the songbirda��s followers did not take kindly to her assertions and made their displeasure known to her.

A user by the name of @Captain FBS posted that she should a�?Stick to writing lyrics please,a�? while another by the name @tariekimpton said a�?What a philosophy. Just how bad can it be? Everyone has natural instincts in bed so it may take time buta��#kudzidzisanaRudo,a�? he posted in response to her assertion that she wanted to have sex with her partner before marriage.

Ammaraa��s views were met with both outrage and applause suggesting that although the conservative mentality still reigns, others do appreciate the honesty of artistes even on private matters. cialis in south africa.