Godwell Hufa Salvation Army (2)

Salvation Army fires church leader

Raymond Jaravaza/ Lisa Masuku
FOUR months after being exposed by B-Metro for allegedly preying on underage girls, a senior officer with the Salvation Army has been shown the door from the Mpopoma branch in Bulawayo.

Godwell Hufa’s (ABOVE) rank with the church is that of Major.

In November last year, the senior officer was ‘schooled’ by an underage teenager that he was proposing love to when she became smart enough to record his advances on video using her smart phone.

He had been for sometime trying to get the teenager (name withheld) from the church to fall in love with him.

In one of the video footages recorded by the teenager, the man of God is told to go to his wife but he says there is no one waiting for him at home.

The Major also promised an incentive for his “catch-to-be” in the form of paying for her church trip. The amount was $10.

Asked to clarify the whereabouts of Hufa, the Salvation Army Bulawayo divisional commander Joseph Madyanenzara instead accused B-Metro of tarnishing the image of the church.

“You people painted us black when you first published the story so what do you want me to do now? You can go back to the same people who first told you that story,” thundered Madyanenzara before hanging up his phone.

A phone call to the Mpopoma branch confirmed that Hufa left on 15 March.

When B-Metro first broke the story last year, church authorities remained mum on what action they would take against Hufa with Madyanenzara telling this publication that church matters would not be discussed in the media.

But it appears pressure from church members forced the powers-that-be to take action.

A relative of the teenager who instructed the minor to record and file every communication coming from the Major said the family was elated the man of God had been shown the door.

“We were not told if he has been fired from the church altogether or just transferred to another branch but he is no longer in Mpopoma. Usually when a high ranking official is transferred to another branch the church buys a present as a token of appreciation but Hufa got nothing,” she said.

In some of the messages in possession of B-Metro at the time he was exposed, the Major even asked the teenager to visit him.

His reason for wanting to see her was to “plan issues to do with L”- L standing for Life.

The teenager alerted some of her family members who instructed her to record and file every communication coming from the Major.

At the time he pleaded with B Metro for the story not to be written.

“Please don’t write that. Can I call you back,” he said.

He did not call back.