You can start by warming up your body before you start running and do the stretches to help prevent you from getting cramps. Have a bottle of water to be drinking when you are running. Dona��t let the winter weather stop you from pounding the pavement. There are reasons that running in cold weather is actually good for you.

1. Ita��s the ideal weather for running.
Believe it or not, cold weather is actually ideal for your run. The colder the weather, the less heat stress on the body, which makes it significantly easier to run. Running in hot and humid weather is extremely taxing on the body a�� there is a reason why the majority of marathons are held in winter.

generic plavix at walmart. 2. Running is a great tool for preventing winter weight gain.
Getting yourself to the gym is a challenge in itself (especially during winter months), people tend to move less and eat more in the colder months. Running burns significant calories and is therefore a powerful tool in maintaining and even losing weight during winter. People who exercise outdoors increase energy, decreased feelings of depression, and were more likely to repeat their workouts.

3. Running will keep your metabolism going strong.
Our bodies are programmed to preserve our fat stores in the winter, slowing down our metabolisms in direct response to our decreased exercise levels. Running in the cold serves to a�?tricka�? the body, preventing this seasonal slowdown of metabolism and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Ita��s never too early to get ready for bikini weather.
Many people wait to run until the weather warms up, attempting to get beach-body ready when ita��s too late. Maintaining your regular routine, no matter what the weather,A� and helps you stay on track for weight loss (or maintenance) all year round. Running in the cold ensures that the weight will come off long before the clothes have to

How can you keep your motivation?
Like anything else in life, the motivation to run can sometimes wane due to time constraints, bad weather, There are many ways to this lack of drive when it comes to your training, whether you are a beginning runner or a veteran of the sport.

Having set goals that you are personally motivated to achieve is essential to consistent running week-in and week-out throughout your career. If you keep the running fire alive, it will burn within you for as long as you want to keep pounding the pavement.

When you are done with your run you can do the cool down by walking and the stretches again then you will be done with your workout. For feedback contact 0772831345 /0778524207, e-mail mussadancer@yahoo.com