Roki returns!. . . Says he misses musical spotlight

Keith Mlauzi 

Chidzoka is back!

After going rural, high riding muso Rockford Josphat affectionately known as Roki is set to make a grand entrance back into the music industry as he plans to make waves through his new music.

The urban grooves maestro left city life last year and relocated to his rural place in Seke, where he has been making a living out of his chicken project.

Roki says he has missed being in the spotlight so he will this year make his way back into the music industry with full force this time around.

“I’ve been doing a lot of underground work. I was not totally dead to music, I was producing, managing some artistes but now I miss being in the limelight so I think it’s high time I come back and do music full time,” said Roki.

The urban groover claims his decision to come back into music is motivated by the high competition that has risen in the industry and how Zimbabwean music industry is developing. He thinks it might be the perfect time for him to draw yet another image not known by many.

“I have seen how Zimbabwean music has developed with time, this has resulted in high competition in all genres and I believe there is no other time perfect for me to make the right name for myself yet again,” he said.

Roki who was disqualified from Big Brother Africa in 2012 says he is now a transformed man and fatherhood has taught him so much responsibility so people should try to look at him from a perspective full of positivity.

“I’m changed now, I’m not the Roki everyone knew back then. As I make my comeback, people should receive me with positivity,” he added.

Asked if he will be going back to the city, the artiste said he preferred his roots more than being in the city.

“I will make my music from Seke because I have always been pan-African so it would be best for me to make my music from Wakanda and I will have a chance to keep a close eye on my chicken project which is doing so great,” said Roki.