The dog that was stabbed to death

Robber stabs police dog to death

Danisa Masuku
A POLICE dog was killed in line of duty by a fleeing suspect that ripped open the caninea��s stomach leaving its intestines hanging.

The dog, Joggie, a two-year-old German shepherd was knifed with an okapi by Edson Zinyoro between 6th Avenue and George Silundika Street last week on Saturday.

Edson Zinyoro

Edson Zinyoro

Zinyoro was one of six suspects running away from the police after robbing a city woman.

a�?A suspected robber stabbed a police dog and it died later. That is all I can say as investigations are still going on,a�? said Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango.

Zinyoro and gang had initially managed to outpace the dog but he was unlucky and found himself fighting with the $3 000 worth police asset.

For stabbing the dog to death, the source said, Zinyoro would face a malicious damage to property charge. The source also disclosed that there were about 30 police dogs in Bulawayo which are sniffer and detection dogs.

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