Road rage

Road rage turns ugly

Andile Tshuma
A MAN from Gaborone in Botswana got more than he bargained for when he was manhandled by an angry mob following his attempt to assault a taxi driver after a fender bender in the city.

The accident occurred at corner 10th Avenue and Fort Street, outside Pick n Pay Hyper taxi rank.

Commuters were treated to a free show in town after the muscular driver charged at a taxi driver and began shouting before he turned violent.

The unidentified man, driving a grey Botswana registered Mercedes Benz, charged after the taxi driver, who according to witnesses is known as Mlungisi.

Mlungisi is alleged to have side-swiped the Mercedes Benz while overtaking at an intersection.

The driver of the private car then attempted to mete instant justice on the taxi driver after both vehicles stopped at the scene.

Police from Drill Hall traffic department attended the scene. However, Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango could not be immediately reached for comment.

Police have, however, on numerous occasions warned against road rage, especially after accidents as it often leads to greater damage, injury, loss of life, crime and arrest.

The taxi driver received a few hot slaps from the visibly angry driver of the luxury vehicle who also hurled insults at the taxi driver.

According to witnesses, while Mlungisi was trying to free himself from the claws of the livid man, who continued showering him with fists and slaps, a mob of touts came to his rescue.

One of them assaulted and knocked the driver of the foreign registered vehicle to the ground.

A crowd gathered as some daring touts and taxi drivers took turns to assault the driver of the private vehicle, accusing him of being overzealous.

A taxi driver who identified himself as Thabani who works from the taxi rank said it was embarrassing for a private car driver to be rowdy in public.

a�?I am not in support of violence, but people are always blaming taxi drivers and touts for violence and unruly behaviour. However, fully grown men deciding to cause a scene like that is not acceptable. Why did he not call the police to the scene? Then when we fight back we receive more insults from the public, ita��s not fair,a�? he said.

Witnesses said the driver of the Mercedes Benz, whose face was bloody, drove-off with two police officers to the station, with the kombi driver following behind them with one police officer and four touts who allegedly participated in the fight.

Last year, former Education Minister David Coltart was almost run over by a reckless driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road in Bulawayo.

Mr Coltart posted the road rage video on Facebook showing the driver of a white Mercedes Benz E Class registration number ADA 8205 almost running him over.

He had to jump to safety while the Mercedes Benz sped off. The incident occurred at the intersection of Cecil Avenue and Banff Road in Hillside suburb while Coltart was driving his daughter to school.

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