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Riya Vaya Bhalisa soccer, netball tourney on

erection pictures. Vendetta Mtunzi
VICTORY Siyanqoba Trust in conjunction with Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association will next weekA� hold a football and netball tournament meant to raise awareness on voter registration.

The Riya Vaya Bhalisa (We are going to register) contest will feature eight football teams and six netball outfits at Sizinda grounds.

a�?Ita��s a tournament that is meant to concientise people on voter registration. The contest will be used to tell the masses on the importance of being a voter and that voter registration has not been closed as people can still register to vote at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) satellite offices all over the country,a�? said Riya Vaya Bhalisa Schemea��s projects officer Sabelo Sihwa.
Therea��s livestock to be won.

a�?Teams will be drawn from Bulawayo and we would want to encourage prospective voters to come in their numbers and enjoy the games. The games will start at 10am. Winners in both the football and netball categories will each get a goat. There will be also individual prizes for outstanding players and some consolation prizes,a�? added Sihwa.

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