Cathrine Sibanda (1)

Village head murdered, private parts and eyes missing

Danisa Masuku
In a suspected ritual murder, the family of slain Silobela village head Trynos Stanley Moyo (52) could not break the ground to dig his grave for burial until one of the suspects came forward with the deceaseda��s private parts and eyes.

Moyo was allegedly murdered by six villagers who wanted to sell his body parts to a local businessman.

The late headman had gone missing on 15 November only for his body to be found without private parts and eyes during a search the following day.

a�?His nearly decomposing body was found without private parts and eyes,a�? said his wife Cathrine Sibanda (pictured above).

Sibanda got concerned when her husband stayed out late into the night beyond what was normal for him.

a�?He was not home as late as 0030hrs that is when I got worried. He never came back sadly,a�? she said.

The following day Sibanda told the deceaseda��s brother Brighton Moyo who then notified the whole family and a search party was launched.

Villagers followed footprints that led them to a shocking discovery.

a�?His trousers were lowered to knee level, his privates were missing. We then took his corpse to the hospital mortuary,a�? said Brighton Moyo.

Brighton Moyo

Brighton Moyo

For such a death, the Moyo family was compelled to do an appeasement ritual before burying one of theirs.

a�?We performed a family ritual because this was a strange and suspicious death,a�? Moyo added.

Weird things happened on the eve of the burial.A� Grave diggers could not crack the earth to where his final resting place would be, six feet under.

a�?It was as if we were hitting a rock. The ground was very hard,a�? said a source.

As such the police came in handy when the suspected murderers confessed to being in possession of the deceaseda��s privates.

One of the suspects, a woman, was marched to the burial site carrying the body parts. That is when the earth opened up for digging.

Chief Malise of Silobela confirmed that his subject and assistant was murdered in a gruesome manner.

a�?He was murdered. I am waiting for the police to conclude their investigation then I can speak further,a�? he said.

Member of the House of Assembly for Silobela Mtokozisi Manoki Mpofu was at a loss for words to describe what happened in his constituency. He advised villagers to avoid walking alone at night.