Rise Bulawayo Radio Risea��

Nkululeko Nkala
I KNOW we are a really slow people when it comes to standing up and doing things (no offence meant). We have the asikhokwethu ngokwabo mentality. I remember sometime just before year 2000 when the land invasions led to land redistribution, most of us just sat through the whole process thinking it will go with the wind. It stayed, many benefited, some even to this day. Wonder how this is linked to talking arts and radio? Well, I am certain when Cont Mhlanga announced that Skyz Metro FM is here to change the radio scenario most people probably just laughed it off as just one of those things (a politician at work).

I will have you know, these guys are doing their level best to make sure that when radio comes, it is here to stay.

They have started on consultative meetings with relevant people in the arts and broadcasting sector. I personally applaud this whole engagement idea. It can only mean there is room to be part of the radio revolution. Anyway, last week Skyz Metro held their first consultative meeting with content producers. Expected at the meeting where studio owners, label owners and producers. With the huge number of those practising in the required fields, whether backyard or otherwise but working in the city, a bumper crowd would have been expected, but no, either they did not get information or they just decided to sit it out.

Notable notes from the content meeting are that Skyz Metro FM will broadcast in three official languages; Kalanga, Ndebele and English. The station will not deal directly with musicians but with label owners, producers and studios.

Why this interests me; Skyz FM is adding value to these arms of our music pre and post production. Serious professionalism is being cultivated and I am sure jobs will be created. On Thursday the team called in to Amakhosi all creatives. The invitation was open to fiction writers, copy writers, poets and comedians, again another sign of inclusion and more jobs for artistes. Next meeting will be with people interested in current affairs then the last one will be with prospective radio drivers; the DJs and presenters. On Wednesday afternoon a post about a call for concepts went viral on social media, calling on individuals and organisations to submit concepts for programmes.

These are really interesting times indeed, everyone is invited to share the cake.

Sandra Ndebele is by far one of the most innovative and most recognised female musicians in the country. She has done it all, from dancing, to singing, to creating the all-girl group Intombi Zomqangala, to touring the world, driving fancy cars, getting married and starting businesses. She is not afraid to do things, for her ita��s either you go big or you go home. I would not dare question Sandraa��s talent, her work speaks for its self. She is a perfect role model for artistes throughout the country. She has made her talent her business.

Sandra is ambassador for Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe and Mpilo Hospital. I swear she has performed at every stage in the country. I cana��t think of any event of national significance that she did not feature in. On Thursday, 19 March Sandra launched her latest music offering Izenzo at the large City Hall. Izenzo is Sandraa��s 7th album. Talking Arts will review the album soon and will share its views. We wish Sandra Ndebele well in all her future works.

In related news, Groove entertainment will this Friday get a second bite to the promotions cherry. The company which last month played host to the much publicised Valentinea��s gig which featured Ringo and Tuku at Large City Hall will this weekend host Tuku and Sulumani Chimbetu. Tuku was a no show at the Valentines gig with his absence the main cause for the show being a flop. He comes back to Bulawayo as a way of making it up to his fans and the promotions company. Again City Hall is the venue and this time around I think the charges are fair. Obviously we have an unpredictable audience, but from where I stand, ita��s an amazing lineup and a good day to go out. I will be there. Until next week, be safe . . .

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