Ricky Rick

Riky Rick takes break from stage & music

Award-winning musician Riky Rick has announced that he will be taking a break from the spotlight to focus on getting into the right space mentally.

Riky has often spoken about the struggles of the industry and the mental hardships he has faceda�s encouraging fans with anxiety and depression through motivating messages.

After performing at Back to the City this past weekenda�s Riky took to social media to announce the performance would be his last for a while.

a�?Friends and familya�s I apologise sincerely to everybody who will be affected but I am not in the right place mentally to continue doing shows or anything that involves leaving my children. I am taking time to find my faith before I lose the connection with the people I love the mosta�sa�? he wrote.

He went on to explain that because of his celeb statusa�s it was hard to tell people that he was not doing well.

a�?Being a a�?celebritya�� its difficult to tell people I aina��t feeling well. Ita��s difficult to take time away because people expect you to be superhuman. I am not superhuman. Ia��m just another human being who wants to find some sort of peace and happiness in life. Ia��m sorry.a�?

Riky would not comment on when he would return to the spotlighta�s only telling fans he would see them a�?latera�s maybea�?.

Friends and fans rushed to offer their support for Rikya�s with his bestie Cassper Nyovest even dedicating a song to Riky during a performance.

a�?This one is for Riky Rick . . . We love youa�s Riky. We need youa�s Rikya�sa�? he told the crowda�s before encouraging them to repeat the lines for Riky. a�� Sunday World buy orlistat online from canada. antibiotics overnight shipping usa. by prednisone w not prescription www.intrance result of ascol. . colchicine for sale at usa.