Prophet Moyo shows his bleeding scar after a failed exorcism of the goblins on Monday

Residents wage five-day war on goblin

FOR the past two weeks, Cowdray Park residents from Section 17 have not known peace as their houses were being stoned.

Couples were sexually starved with the mysterious creatures having sex with women while the men were left weak.

The troubled residents, upon the realisation that they were in deep trouble and failure to take action would leave them with damaged property and broken marriages, decided to act.

a�?We have not known peace since 17 May as our windows and asbestos were being stoned by unseen things.

a�?At night, we did not have the normal life of wives and husbands as men failed to perform after complaining of backaches while women woke up with visible signs that we had sexual intercourse,a�? revealed Prudence Mashata, one of the residents.

With too much drama in the suburb which boggled the minds of residents, they were left with no choice but to seek the help of prophets as it was apparent that a�?the devila�? was at work.

MaDlamini the leader of Zion crew which failed to exorcise the goblin

MaDlamini the leader of Zion crew which failed to exorcise the goblin

Residents agreed that each household would contribute a $1 to cover the logistics and then the witch-hunters were going to be paid by the a�?goblina�? owner.

a�?From the contributions we got $72 and someone referred us to the Zion Church led by Prophetess MaDhlamini from South Africa whom we heard had killed a number of troubling goblins in different villages all over Zimbabwe,a�? said Zibuthe chairman Johannes Nyoni.

Day 1
When the Zion church was invited to do the cleansing, they accepted the invite and got to Cowdray Park on Saturday where they found residents gathered expecting them to track down the trouble maker and destroy it.

a�?When the Zion crew got here, it was around 4pm and they told residents that it was too late to do the work so they just sprinkled holy water around the area saying they were setting a trap for the goblin.

Then they left and promised to return on Monday to complete the work,a�? said residents chairman Tito Gumbo.

Unfortunately, after they had left there were hectic scenes in the area as the mysterious creature which had never hit people with stones started attacking residents including police officers who had come to witness what was happening.

a�?On Saturday night people could not sleep as it was throwing stones, breaking windows, with some stones being mysteriously thrown into the house from nowhere. Even the police who were on patrol ran for their lives,a�? said one resident, Obert Dube.

Day 2
There was chaos in the suburb as some residents started blaming the leaders for sleeping on duty. Monday appeared to be too far for them as they feared for their lives and property.

They finally agreed to invite Prophet Siziba who is a well known witch-hunter and has a good reputation after he successfully killed the goblin Ernest Ndlovu from Section 14 which was once troublesome and had defied a number of prophets.

Since the Zion Church had left incomplete work, they asked Siziba to sleep at one of the houses which the goblin was attacking most.

a�?The notorious goblin never stopped and when Siziba was seated in the house where he was supposed to spend the night, it was throwing stones inside. However, he made it clear that he was not going to do anything since there were people already hired to do the cleansing,a�? said Dube.

It was another terrible night as the goblin seemed to be on a mission to prove a point and it broke a lot of asbestos sheets and windows. It appeared to be everywhere pouncing on all those homes where people tried to a�?gossipa�? about it.

Day 3
Finally it was the long awaited Monday, as early as 7am the residents had gathered and expected Prophetess MaDhlamini and her team to arrive and complete what they had started on Saturday.

They sat in the scorching sun and it appeared as if they were waiting for the rains. By afternoon, tempers flared with the prophets nowhere in the vicinity.

They finally arrived around 1pm and started dancing, but it never went down well with residents who accused them of wasting time saying they had not hired a dance group, but prophets.

One of the prophets, Prophet Moyo tried to no avail to calm the residents who were calling for serious business. He also ignored their call and started prophesying, picking out some residents which never went down well with residents.

He picked out one woman and her daughter telling them in public that they practised witchcraft and used a lizard.

He went on to pick out the residentsa�� chairman Tito Gumbo whom he revealed that he owned goblins and to the surprise of many he admitted.

Prophet Moyo called on Prophetess MaDhlamini to come and address the residents. When she was busy addressing them, the goblin was throwing stones at one of the residents Mrs Tshumaa��s home.

When they alerted her, she told them to ignore it and it angered some residents.

Prophetess MaDhlamini then revealed that there were two goblins, namely Qobola and Mike. Of course she acknowledged that there were people like Gumbo and others who owned some, but the troubling ones were Qobola and Mike.

a�?There is a man who owns a bar and tuckshop who moved from Emakhandeni to stay here and he brought his goblin Qobola. It got angry when he brought Mike and wanted to give it to his other friend.

a�?It became angry because they had agreed that they would be friends forever. I want the owner of that tuckshop to come here because if I destroy his goblin he will also die in a few days,a�? said Prophetess MaDhlamini.

Efforts to locate the tuckshop owner were fruitless and though residents gave her the green light to destroy it, she started giving excuses.

After about an hour Prophet Moyo, being held by Prophet Vundla, proceeded to Gumboa��s place saying there was a goblin inside.

On their way to the house, Prophet Moyo was hit by a stone on the head and got hurt. Unfortunately, they got defeated and failed to catch the goblin. The Zion crew left residents disappointed.

Day 4
The residents woke up with no hope at all and the blame game was at play. With the matter becoming too tense, the residents leaders sought help from their Councillor Collet Ndhlovu to map a way forward.

The councillor advised them to engage Prophet Siziba whom they knew.

a�?When those Zion people came here they expected a lot of money as they had been told that each household had contributed a $1 and I guess they assumed it was the whole Cowdray Park, 33 000 houses, but when they got here they were told it was only a small section.

a�?All we wanted was for them to kill the goblin, not to start prophesying causing tension between people. They failed and left.

a�?We have engaged Prophet Siziba,a�? said Councillor Ndhlovu.

Prophet Siziba set his traps and had an all-night vigil of prayer and singing with some residents. It was a quiet night with no attacks.

Day 5
Around 4am, Prophet Siziba and his crew left to pray at a private place and returned around 11am finding hundreds of residents eagerly waiting for them. Without wasting time, Prophet Siziba led his crew and they started with prayers before proceeding to houses where goblins stayed.

They started with Gumboa��s house where they had a torrid time in capturing it, leaving Reverend Kenneth Musati for dead.

The other prophets prayed for him until he was revived.

At Gumboa��s house, they found an object that resembled some manhood and a weird creature that looked like a monkey with human hair.

They then proceeded to Mrs Tshumaa��s house where the other goblin was reportedly hiding. They captured a bird which later changed into something like a horn.

The residents heaved a sigh of relief and celebrated seeing the goblins being destroyed.

Gumbo distanced himself from everything saying: a�?I am shocked and do not know anything.a�?

Reverend Musati revealed that the goblins belonged to certain people and not owners of the houses where they were found.

It was indeed relief for residents as they hope to enjoy their peace again. can i buy mebendazole over the counter. where to buy prometrium. propecia post delivery.