Residents up in arms with burial society

Danisa Masuku
RESIDENTS of Makokoba, Bulawayo, are up in arms with a burial society which they are accusing of duping them of their monthly subscriptions.
The matter came to light after a family from the suburb reportedly delayed to bury their relative who was a member of the burial society after one of the executive members of the burial society claimed there was no money in their coffers.

A family spokesperson, Willis Mhlanga, claimed that they were supposed to be given $300 for the burial of their cousin, Mbuso Ndlovu.

He said to their shock they were not given the money.

However, an executive committee member who refused to be named claimed that the Mhlanga family was not remitting monthly subscriptions. He went on to say the deceased was not appearing on the subscription card, therefore, he was not eligible to have his funeral funded by the burial society.

However, the claims were flatly denied by his family.

a�?We are going to do everything within our means to get our money that we have been subscribing to this burial society. They are lying, how can they say he is not covered? But his name appears on the subscription book. They cannot get away with it,a�? said a family spokesperson.

Mhlanga added: a�?It is not clear on how they run the burial society as they do not show us the books of accounts. I suspect they are misappropriating fundsa�?.

Further investigations by B-Metro revealed that Mbusoa��s family was up-to-date with their subscriptions.

Contacted for comment, chairman of Masincedane Burial Society, Evans Dube, said that they were not going to give in to any pressure.

a�?We are surprised because they were not subscribing. Even our constitution is clear on that. Now they want to benefit from other peoples sweat. They may take any action,a�? said Dube.

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