Raunchy dancer quin tasha

Raunchy dancer ventures into music

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Video vixen Quin Tarsha has decided to mesmerise her followers in a different way.

Besides strip tease and raunchy dance moves apparently she has a sweet voice too.

Tarsha, who is the lead dancer for the Changamire Hip-hop Festival 2018 Best Dancer Award winners Whin Quins, an all-female trio that specialises in hip-hop and Rhumba dances released a single titled Rainbow, a metaphoric song which speaks about success after a long time of struggle.

The single was released on 25 August this year produced by Cmun Beats and T-Lion at Black Snow Music.

Quin Tarsha said people should listen more carefully to the lyrics of the song as they speak to and for many who become successful after a long struggle.

“The rainbow only appears after heavy rains which is a sign that everything that requires water on earth will be satisfied, people also go through such phases in life as some struggle for a long time but due to patience and persistence they become successful at the end of the day.

“People should pay more attention to the lyrics of the song because they talk about what happens in reality unlike other artistes’ songs which do not have any impact in their fans’ lives, the song is also meant to inspire people not to give up in life,” said Tarsha.

What’s next after the single?

Tarsha promised a video that will feature her fellow Whin Quins group members Blaq Diva Quin and Noereen Moria.

“I will do a music video of the song and fans should expect a perfect visual content, the beauty of being a dancer and a singer at the same time is that you will be determined that the video will come out perfect on choreography,” she said.

An album which will be released in November is also currently at production and mixing stage.