a�?Rapista�� goblins terrorise villagers

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Villagers in Bhanda area, Lupane in Matabeleland North are reportedly having sleepless nights amid claims that men and women are being sexually abused by suspected goblins.The issue came to light after female villagers woke up wearing male underwear and males wearing female lingerie.

A villager, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he could not sleep because short hairy creatures visited him at night and demanded anal sex with him.

a�?We are in a dire situation in Bhanda. I become unsettled when the sun sets because of goblins that come at night to have sex with me from behind. My wife is also complaining about the same thing. At times the creature abuses her until she bleeds,a�? he said.

The villager added that his neighbours were also being given a hard time by the goblins.

a�?Even some villagers claim to experience this dilemma. Teachers at our local primary school have been complaining as well,a�? he said.

The Bhanda village headman, Thompson Moyo, confirmed the report.

a�?Villagers are tormented by male goblins. These monsters sodomise males and rape females. Last month before schools closed teachers were crying foul over these goblins. We are in the process of hiring someone who will exorcise the place because the last time a certain prophetic church came to exorcise the place, the goblins intensified their actions afterwards,a�? he said.