Rape victim bleeds for two months after ordeal

Sukoluhle Ndlovu
An elderly woman from Gokwe under Chief Chireya is still bleeding after she was allegedly raped by 19-year-old Edwin Zvirevo in June. Zvirevo appeared before the traditional court of Chief Chireya in Gokwe for allegedly raping the old woman. Chief Chireya presided over the case and concluded that a report should be made to the police who made investigations into the matter and arrested Zvirevo.

The case was then heard before the Gokwe magistrate court and Zvirevo was granted bail of US$50.
In an interview, Chief Chireya told B-Metro that Zvirevo blamed evil spirits, claiming he was not himself when he committed the offence.

a�?Zvirevo said evil spirits caused him to rape the elderly woman because he was not in his senses when he committed the crime,a�?A� said Chief Chireya.
a�?The accused also said that the old woman may appear to be old but in bed she turns into a younger woman and that is the reason he continued sleeping with hera�?, added Chief Chireya.

The complainant was later taken to Chireya hospital where she was admitted as her private parts were bleeding, more than a month after the ordeal, and the bleeding was attributed to rape.

Chief Chireya said he suspected that there was witchcraft involved as the old woman was still bleeding even though she was hospitalised for some time.
a�?I suspect there is witchcraft involved, the old woman is still bleeding up to now even though she was taken to the hospital,a�? said Chief Chireya. can viagra .