Radio licences not airplay guarantee . . .

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AFTER what seemed an eternity, BAZ finally announced winners of commercial radio stations. This historic occasion was met with smiles, hope and congratulations from all walks of people in the city. So from Talking Arts, congratulations are in order for Skyz FM, welcome to the big league. With the experience of arts legend Cont Mhlanga I am sure the station will scale dizzy heights. After all it has been said that Skyz FM will revolutionise radio.

Chief of the hopeful congratulatory messages came from the musicians in Bulawayo. Their messages where more of a happy triumphant people, more like a message to onea��s saviour.

Obviously artistes have complained day in day out about radio stations not playing their music. Maybe Skyz FM is just what the city has been waiting for, if for real the other stations were choosing not to play local music because of some lame excuse. By the way, before I play devila��s advocate maybe I need to remind people that this is a commercial radio station. By commercial we mean even in serving peoplea��s needs, the station needs to make money.

Whatever they do, money is at the back of their minds.

I am not saying there has not been any good music produced in Bulawayo. There has been hits here and there, artistes like Martin Ndolwane, Khuxxman and 3 Kings come to mind. So there it goes dear artiste, if your music is of poor quality or not interesting it will not be played. You may take your past 10 albums to Amakhosi, but there is no guarantee any of your music will be played. So while the station is busy setting up, leta��s all go to our studios whether backyard or professional (I believe good music can be made anywhere) and create music that all stations in the land will not ignore.

Remember even in coming into the broadcast circuit, Skyz is not going to operate in a vacuum. ZiFM, Star FM and ZBC stations will still be operating, meaning they are competition. Because ita��s a business Skyz will have to convince their first client on the first day of broadcasting to come back to the station and recommend it to others. That can only happen if there is good programming and excellent music. So unless we change our ways and do what people like, stop trying to be mini-South African stars, Tocky Vibes and Jah Prayzer may just as well top Bulawayo Skyz FM chats. Anyway even in all this I am super excited for Skyz FM and Bulawayo as a whole. I believe big things will come from this, as long as we all push up and not try to pull the station down.

I have always said that my word is not scripture but I feel there is another arm of the arts that needs a little advice from yours truly. I consider fashion designers artistes, correct me if I am wrong. Bulawayo is pregnant with talented designers. I have attended a lot of fashion shows in the city and seen some amazing works. But still I have a problem with our designers. I believe they are lost in some make-believe world and forget about reality. They only design works for the minus 0 size people like Mbo and Gilmore. Is our Bulawayo all about thin people? I dona��t think so.

Where are these designers selling their products? Who in our city are they dressing besides Gilmore and Mbo? I mean other artistes or socialites?A� Until next week be safe . . .