Quickies are the way to go

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MOMENT of madness . . .
Everyone needs that moment of madness in their sex life to make a�?ita�? more exciting. I know the general belief has been that quickies are usually for people who are in a no-strings-attached type of relationship, but that is not true.

Go for a quickie with your better half and hey, your sex life will never be the same again.

A quickie is a form of intimacy which gives intense, sudden sexual access without asking for motivation or justification and it lasts between five to 10 minutes.

Couples should go for quickies because they are excellent in reintroducing passion into a sex life that has been neglected. Quickies are fun and sexy.

If you check with people who once had a quickie, they never forget the incident or day they had it because it was an extra-ordinary moment of their lives. Because of that fact, some people always find their way back to their exa��s underwear after bringing back the quickie moments.

Sister, why not grab that opportunity as well and have a moment of madness with your partner which you will both live to remember.

Nowadays, it seems many couples have a hard time prioritising sex and after a long and busy day, they feel too tired or stressed to have long sessions of intimate encounters for both of them to reach orgasms.

A quickie will be the answer to all your sexual problems! It may be the only contact two busy people are having and it is better than nothing at all.

Quickies certainly promote better lovemaking filled with foreplay as a component of a healthy sex life and encourage couples to be realistic.

It is amazing that quickies can do more for your sex drive than waiting for that fatigue-free, uninterrupted night to come along.

The best of both worlds lies in the balance. Try a few quickies to help get to your end goal of a hot sex life with long lovemaking sessions. A fast approach could very well lead to more frequent sex, with fantastic foreplay and a lot more fun in the bedroom.

One woman confessed that her sex life had gone to the graves and they both had lost desire for sex. She said she just thought of a quickie knowing that they had both gone for a long period without the adult game and she just joined her husband when he was bathing.

The two had a quickie in the bathroom and she says it really got them connected. You have to know that once you get sexually connected with your partner, you will definitely get along very well even outside the bedroom, making the world a happier place for you. Your communication will improve and you will argue less!

There are a lot of places where couples can have a quickie, namely in the bathroom, car and if you really want to be crazier even in the kitchen . . .A� It is really nice if it happens at a place which will make you laugh whenever you reminisce about it.

As a woman, at times do things which you know your man always fantasises about day and night and definitely a quickie is one of them.

Never take it for granted, every relationship needs some spicing up and if you are on top of your game, you will not be threatened by any husband snatcher because she has to come up with something that you are not doing.

Quickies are clumsy, but be assured that they build intimacy and boost self-esteem. Having quick sex may not exactly qualify as making love, but it is a good thing to do with somebody you love.

Experts say variety in a couplea��s sex life stops them from falling into a rut. Couples should try different positions and locations, as well as throwing in the occasional quickie!

Besides the relationship advantages, there are individual benefits too. The immediacy of a quickie, the a�?Ia��ve got to have you right here, right nowa�? attitude, is a great confidence booster.

It lets you and your partner know that youa��re still physically attracted to each other.

Being reminded that your man cana��t keep his hands off you can put you in a good mood for the day and add to general feelings of security in the long term.

Forget everything you have heard about quickies being a pale imitation of a�?reala�? sex, it brings variety to the relationship.
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