Pupils sue Head over foul language

Gibson Mhaka

IN a class-action lawsuit, four pupils from a private school in Bulawayo teamed up and sued their headmaster for allegedly using vulgar language and chasing them from attending lessons. 

Vimbai Gatya, Ntombizile Nduna, Denzel Madzvamuse and Pretty Zingwanda’s parents jointly filed a suit on their behalf at the High Court in Bulawayo under case Number 205 /19 against John Maushe, headmaster of Eastview High School and Mbuso Ncube of Foundation College requesting them not to use vulgar language on students and chasing them from attending lessons.

In the lawsuit, the applicants claimed the two respondents Maushe and Ncube allegedly fell out with pupils because of their profanity-laced reprimand.

They are seeking an order to stop the respondents and their alliances from using vulgar language to students and chasing them from attending lessons.

It is also their contention that the use of vulgar language and barring pupils from attending classes was “unconstitutional”.

“I file the founding affidavit on behalf of Vimbai Gatya as guardian of her. This is application for interdict to prohibit the first and second respondents and their alliances for using vulgar language to students (applicants) and chasing them from attending lessons.

“The grounds of this application are: respondents acted unconstitutionally and their alliances have no locus standi to chase the students from school.

“Guardians and parents or ex-employees entered into mutual agreement with Message Ncube the Director of Eastview High School and Foundation College that employees’ children will have free education, as the school made the unlawful deduction to the employees (tithe deduction), and defrauded the employees/ parents,/ guardians of the students by not remitting funds to First Mutual, Zimnat and Heritage pension fund,” reads part of the affidavit filed by Vimbai’s mother and which was also supported by the other three pupils’ parents.

Respondents are yet to respond to the summons.

In a related incident, the privately-owned Falcon College in Esigodini, Matabeleland South reportedly suspended one of their pupils for allegedly singing a vulgar and inappropriate war cry.

The shocking move which was posted on the college’s Twitter page and confirmed by the headmaster Reginald Querl reads: “The incident involving the Falcon school boy singing a vulgar and inappropriate war cry is not condoned by Falcon College. The young man in question has been suspended, pending investigation. We will not tolerate this behaviour. Mr R W Querl, Headmaster”.

In the comments section of the post people expressed their displeasure with some suggesting that if it was against school rules the other students cheering were also supposed to be suspended.

Twitter user Joshþ @JoshNdhlovu <> wrote: “I love Falcon_College but I think suspending him is taking it too far. You could have punished him in other ways. Don’t make decisions based on criticism from the public. Chisipite didn’t suspend their girls”.

Another Twitter user tafara ruvimboþ @mwanadandadzi  also wrote: “This is utter nonsense, I arrived at Falcon College in 02 n left 07 and never once was anyone suspended for singing Amai vako pamubeda muri chocolate na tete vako, or bomba sonny. Everyone should be suspended, apa Reg wabaisa. I told you this Falcon for girls will mess things up”.