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Prophet shaves and rapes teenage client

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CLEAN shaven rape!

A self-proclaimed prophet shaved his 16-year-old clienta��s pubic hair before raping her.

The prophet from Mberengwa will spend 20 years in prison despite pleading not guilty when he appeared before regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire.

Passing sentence, Nemadire bemoaned the increase of rape cases by people who disguise themselves as a�?Men of Goda�?.

a�?A lot of unsuspecting women are suffering at the hands of these hypocrites who pose as prophets. You pretended to be healing the girl from the sickness yet you knew that you had intentions of raping her,a�? said Nemadire.

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that sometime in May, the complainant and her mother met the accused at their neighboura��s home.

The accused then prophesied that the complainant had evil scars on her body, and that the scars had to be removed.

Complainant and her mother arranged that the accused visits their homestead to perform the ritual.

On June 6, the accused removed the scars from the complainanta��s toes and fingers and told the complainant he was going to come the following day to perform more rituals.

He returned to the complainanta��s home the following day at midnight and knocked at the complainanta��s bedroom hut.

He told her that he had come to remove the remaining scars from the complainanta��s body.

He then took the complainant to the kitchen where he ordered her to take off her clothes.

The accused then shaved the complainanta��s pubic hair and ordered her to lie on her back before raping her.

The complainant told her mother about the ordeal and they reported the matter to the police leading to his arrest.