Prophet impregnates eight

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AN unmarried junior prophet with an apostolic sect in Insuza, Matabeleland North who is being accused of impregnating a teenage girl seems to have a penchant for sex after seven other women from his church stepped up and claimed they are carrying his seeds.

The startling allegations came to light after the seven women reportedly approached the Bishop of the Izibonakaliso Apostolic Church, Mlamuli Moyo, telling him that they were impregnated by the alleged fugitive prophet Thabiso Ncube.

However, the prophet has denied making the women pregnant. Nonetheless, Moyo said the victims spilled the beans last Saturday during a church service.

a�?Three youthful girls came to the podium after a prophecy and claimed that they were impregnated by Ncube,a�? said Moyo.

He added: a�?After that four women came to my office. I thought they were coming for counselling but I was shocked when they told me that Ncube impregnated them. They asked for prayers saying Ncube warned them not to tell anyone as he would curse them and that is why they kept the matter under wraps for a long time.a�?

B-Metro visited the area and the seemingly traumatised a�?victimsa�? confirmed the incident.

a�?I was in love with Ncube and we used to indulge a lot. Things turned nasty when I told him that I was pregnant. He strongly warned me not to tell my parents or anyone that he impregnated me. He said he feared that they will ex-communicate him. He promised me that he will take care of the child but I was shocked when I read in your paper that he has fled,a�? said Ester Ndlovu.

Another heavily pregnant woman who identified herself as Zanele Buhali claimed Ncube was a womaniser who took advantage of his prophecy and healing powers.

a�?Ncube would prophesy something that is fearful and advise you that to solve the problem one has to come for a series of prayers at his residence. At his residence he would propose love and sleep with them. There are a lot of women that he slept with,a�? said Buhali.

Another girl Sicelo Tshuma said: a�?Ncube had a weakness for women. He was in love with me and we indulged in sex on several occasions without protection as he had promised to marry me but when I told him that I was pregnant he fumed and warned me not to tell the bishop as he will be ex-communicated.a�?

Thoko Dube also claimed they were head over heels in love with Ncube.

a�?We were madly in love. Ncube would send me love and sexually suggestive messages on WhatsApp on a daily basis.

We used to indulge a lot without protection as he said he does not enjoy sex withA� protection. He warned meA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� not to divulge the secretive information to anyone. He claimed if I told

anyone I would die mysteriously,a�? said Dube.

When contacted for comment the evasive Ncube launched a salvo and vowed to cast a bad spell on this reporter if he dared write the story.

a�?I read what you wrote last week. Let me warn you, if you dare write the story you will fall blind mysteriously, I warn you. How can I impregnate all those women? I am not a sex machine,a�? he said before hanging the phone,a�? said Ncube.