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Promiscous teacher video goes viral…Parents call for her banishment

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A MARRIED female teacher at Kweneng Primary School in Mangwe District, Matabeleland South is at the centre of an infidelity storm after a�?lewda�? images of her passionately kissing another man believed to be her lover were shared on the schoola��s WhatsApp group.

Andile Masinguzanea��s image while a�?behaving intimatelya�? were reportedly sent by some furious parents to the schoola��s WhatsApp group while claiming she was in the habit of bedding married men from the area.

Andilea��s husband, Obvious Masinguzane, is reportedly based in Plumtree where he is employed as an electrian.

Andile Masinguzane and her lover

Andile Masinguzane and her lover

According to WhatsApp messages which accompanied the sizzling video and in possession of B-Metro, parents, in protest-like fashion said they wanted Andile banished from the school saying she was setting a bad example to their children.

The complaint reads in part: a�?Imihlolo ayipheli shuwa. Silapha asilamathe lokhe sibambe owangaphansi. Sikhuluma ngesifebe seKweneng esizenza ngcono uAndile Masinguzanea��ozithi yena unguMrs. Abantwana ubafundisani yena eliwule elingakaa��sehluphile lusisi ngamadoda amanengi awabanikazi futhi. (Weird things never cease to happen we are tongue-tied because of Andile Masinguzanea��s infidelity who calls herself a married woman. What is she teaching our children when she is a prostitute? And she is also well known for bedding married men)a�?.

A source from the school who sought anonymity also confirmed the incident saying the video was sent by some enraged parents in a bid to expose Andilea��s alleged infidelity.

a�?The images are so bawdy that everyone at school is saying the two (Andile and the man) shared more than just a kiss and we are feeling bad for her husband.a�?

Contacted for comment Andile confirmed that shea��s the one in the viral video.

She however, rubbished allegations that she was bedding married men.

a�?I am the one in that video and ita��s none of your business to know the nature of relationship with that man. What I can only confirm is that all those allegations leveled against me are not true.

a�?It is just a smear campaign to tarnish my image,a�? said Masinguzane before she prodded this reporter where he got her phone number from.

She could also not deny nor confirm that the man she was seen locking lips with was her lover.

When further asked whether her husband had seen the sizzling video, Masinguzane said: a�?Yes he saw it and he was not even troubleda�?.

Her husband could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

  • Chokwadi

    Her personal life is non of their business. In the class room she teaches the syllabus, who she sleeps after lessons is non of our business, whether she is cheating or not, firing her for that is a wrong judgment.

    Infidelity is not a crime, what if she has open relationship with her husband