Problem Child

Problem child makes life hell for mum

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WHEREa��S the money!
Sileta Adella Mpala says her son Last Mpala comes to her house drunk to rob her. When he arrives ita��s alleged that he turns violent asking for her pension and rent money paid by tenants.

a�?He comes home drunk and threatens to beat me when I tell him I do not have money,a�? said Sileta, adding that he demands the money to a�?buy beer and spoil his girlfriendsa�?.

He has an elaborate trick.

a�?He keeps a calendar so he knows the dates when my pension gets deposited. He always demands all that money I receive fromA� National Social Security Authority (NSSA). A week later he would demand money paid by my lodgers,a�? she said.

Because he knows how much his retired mother makes, if she gives him a lesser figure, she would feel his wrath.

a�?He is a muscular man and he scares me especially when he threatens to beat me up,a�? Sitela said.

Sitela added that her son threw away his life when he refused to write his Ordinary Level examinations.

a�?He has no job because he refused to finish school, now he is a burden,a�? she said.

Last told B-Metro that his mother should learn to keep people out of their family affairs.

a�?That woman should stop telling everyone about our family issues,a�? he said rudely.

He added that he put his mother back in line when she does wrong things.

a�?She is a piece of work so I try to help turn her into a good woman by reprimanding her,a�? he added. Last accused his mother of being dishonest.

a�?My mother talks too much so dona��t believe everything she tells you. She has been reporting me to a lot of people. I only take her money when I need to buy food in the house and I tell her to rest at home while I go to the shops,a�? he said.
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