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Pregnant woman camps at lovera��s workplace

Gibson Mhaka
IN protest fashion, a Bulawayo woman allegedly impregnated by her married lover reportedly camped at his workplace, apparently in a desperate bid to make him buy the babya��s provisions.

Sthabile Masuku, while camping at Hama Murwirasa�� workplace in Kelvin North Industries,A� reportedly slept in a toilet.

Masukua��s weird antics of making her lover accept her pregnancy while spending many nights on the floor of the toilet were exposed at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Murwira was seeking a protection order against her.

Murwira, who was denying Masukua��s pregnancy, said she resorted to camping at his workplace after she failed to do so at his matrimonial home in Pumula East.

a�?I was in a relationship with Sthabile Masuku and we separated in September last year. She is now harassing me claiming the pregnancy she is carrying is mine. As a result of her claims that I impregnated her she is now coming to my workplace to harass me in front of my workmates.

a�?She once tried to forcibly stay at my matrimonial home and I chased her away before she resorted to camping at my workplace where she was sleeping in the toilet.

a�?She is always mocking me saying zidhara (old man) and in response I would be asking her whether I was putting on a mask when I proposed love to her so that she couldna��t see that I am old,a�? said Murwira.

The aggrieved Murwira stressed that he dumped Masuku after he discovered that she was double-crossing him with his neighbour.

a�?I dumped her in September last year after I discovered that she was in love with another man who is my neighbour. Her mother once caught her red-handed in bed with that man and that is why I am disputing her claims that Ia��m responsible for her pregnancy,a�? said Murwira.

While responding to her lovera��s submissions, Masuku appealed to the court not to consider his claims, stressing that he was the one who begged her to reconcile after she dumped him.

a�?We fell in love in May last year and I dumped him in September after I discovered that he was married. After we broke up we immediately got back together that same month after she begged me to reconcile.

a�?During that time I was never with anybody else and that is why I am sure that ita��s his pregnancy. Whenever I go to his workplace I want him to give me money to buy the babya��s provisions,a�? responded Masuku.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya said the issue of the pregnancy could only be resolved when the two parties go for DNA tests before he ordered Masuku not to verbally and emotionally harass her a�?ex-lovera�? and visit his workplace. primatene mist for sale real viagra pills for sale new york. buy primatene mist online. eye drop for beautiful eye. . online phenergan overnight.