woman abuse

Pregnant woman bashed for serving cold food

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A furious man (48) thoroughly bashed his pregnant wife resulting in her losing a tooth after she served him cold food.

Philemon Ndou of Siampande Village in Binga allegedly lost his temper when his wife, Ethel Ndou (35), refused to make a fresh meal for him early in the morning.

Ndou had arrived at his homestead from the beerhall at around 2am and when his wife served him cold food, a dispute erupted.

Sources said he woke his wife and demanded that she serves him supper in the early hours of Saturday.

a�?Ndoua��s wife served her husband cold food and he refused to eat demanding it to be warmed, but she refused.

a�?He then ordered her to cook a fresh meal for him, but the woman walked out of the kitchen hut and retired to bed,a�? said the source.

He followed her to the bedroom and dragged her out of bed before assaulting her.

A neighbour, Saba Mwale who works with Chief Sinampande said: a�?We heard screams and when we checked on what was happening we found Ndou beating his wife.

a�?We arrived to a bloody scene at the homestead. She had lost a tooth and was lying lifelessly. She gained consciousness and started complaining of back pains.

a�?Ndou told us that he paid lobola for her and had felt insulted when she served him cold food. We rescued the pregnant woman by taking her to our place,a�? he said.

The matter was reported to the village head and the case heard at a chiefa��s court.

When Ndou was summoned by his wifea��s family following their altercation, he insulted them as well accusing them of not grooming their daughter well before marriage.

He was fined two goats and a cow .

Chief Sinampande of Binga could not be reached for comment.