POY revives Bulawayo night life

predisone with out script. Elliot Mindu BULAWAYO music sensation POY has upped his game with a number of gigs in the city attracting a full house. POY,A� has teamed up with leading disc jockey,A� DJ Dash in holding shows and recently set the house on fire at Mojo bar and Horizon. a�?Partying till you drop deada�? seems to be POYa��S new mission. The rapper has roped in Bulawayoa��s finest ladies in an attempt to fire-up Bulawayoa��s night life. POYa��s new song titled Nice launched a fortnight ago at Mojo bar speaks for itself.

According to the rapper Nice was compiled to introduce hip-hop to Bulawayo girls of a�?rare beautya�? drawingA� them into appreciating local hip-hop. a�?More and more women are opening up to the genre of hip-hop as indicated by their overwhelming presence during my showsa�?, said the rapper.

Method Nsingo, who works with POY, echoed his sentiments. a�?I organise most of POYa��s shows and I can confirm that the number of women attending our shows has rapidly shot up compared to previous yearsa�?, he said. Nsingo stated that hip-hop was a new fascination for hot-single ladies in Bulawayo as most of them were ready to participate as models and dancers during the shows.

Nsingo said a�?A lot ofA� ladies are coming to us volunteering to work as actors, models and dancers in our showsa�?, he said.

During the launch of the song Nice, Nsingo made three trips to Mojo bar ferrying more than 30 ladies from across Bulawayo to POYa��s launch. Nsingo stated that the girls responded to an invitation broadcast in the ESMAA groups WhatsApp forum. ESMAA is a modeling agency. Joe the OG one of POYa��s promoters revealed that the future of night-life entertainment in Bulawayo was promising.