Policeman a�?boileda�� over used condoms

Gibson Mhaka
A cop was baptised with boiling water by his fuming wife who confronted him over infidelity. However, he does not understand why and how she got the nerves to prove her case.a�?I open my wallet for her, but she wona��t open her legs for me,a�? said Milton Ndlovu, a policeman based in Plumtree while seeking a protection order against his wife after she scalded him with boiling water when she found used condoms in one of his trousersa�� pocket.

Ndlovu pulled the shocker at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he was seeking a legal recourse against his wife Sibonisiwe Mlilo claiming she was physically and emotionally abusing him.

Ndlovu said Mlilo was also sexually abusing him by denying him sex despite the fact that he was surrendering all his monthly earnings to her.

a�?We were happily married for the past 10 years until January this year when Sibonisiwe started denying me sex. This is despite the fact that we are sleeping on the same bed. By denying me sex she is apparently shortchanging me because I am giving her all my salary whenever I get paid. Besides sexually starving me, Sibonisiwe has gone violent and abusive. She is incessantly demanding money from me and when I fail to give her she starts threatening me and the latest incident being on 21 November.

a�?She once poured boiling water on me accusing me of cheating on her. Instead of cleaning our house she spends most of her time visiting prophets and witchdoctors. She has since delegated all the household chores to our maid including cleaning in our matrimonial bedroom and preparing our bed,a�? he said.

Ndlovu said he was forced to cheat after Mlilo who is working in Beitbridge had not given him sex for 11 months.

In response, his wife however, admitted that she scalded him with boiling water because she was offended when she found used condoms in one of his trousersa�� pockets.

a�?I poured boiling water on him after I found used condoms full of sperms in one of his trousersa�� pockets. I am not threatening him as he is alleging but whenever I phone him I will be asking for our childa��s school fees. He took our child to an expensive school and he is now failing to pay the school fees,a�? said Mlilo. Asked by the magistrate why she was sexually starving her husband, Mlilo said,A� a�?Your Worship I would be feeling tired.a�?

a�?So you have been feeling tired for all these 11 months you had been denying him sex.A� Dona��t you know that whenever a woman is in the bedroom she should not complain of being tired? Truly a bedroom is not a place where one as a woman should complain of being tired and that is the reason why your husband is cheating on you.

a�?So dona��t confront him whenever you find used condoms in his pockets. I am granting him the protection order he is seeking against you. You should not verbally, emotionally and physically abuse him. I am also referring you for counselling for eight weeks,a�? charged magistrate Marylene Mtshina.

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