Police to clamp down on Vuzu parties

Khahliso Ncube
THE Zimbabwe Republic Police is ready to deal with wayward youths and Vuzu Parties this December.

Speaking to B-Metro, the police spokeswoman for Bulawayo metropolitan Chief Inspector Precious Simango said arrests will be made.

“We as the police are very much aware that the teenagers are back to their habits again and we are going to arrest each and everyone who is going to take part in the parties,” she said.

Drug and alcohol abuse headline Vuzu parties and in numerous instances, cases of sexual assault and violence linked to these parties have been reported.

Simango called out on parents to help curb these parties from being a success by closely monitoring their children’s movements.

“To the parents please check the kind of clothing that your children will be putting on when they leave the house, the back packs that they will be carrying, the state they are in when they leave the house and when they come back and also monitor their movements,” she said.

For about two years now, Vuzu parties have been a thorn in the flesh in Bulawayo. In other parts of the country these parties take up other names.

In October the Bulawayo Junior Council walked against Vuzu parties together with parents.