Police officer’s mutilated corpse found in Luveve

Mmeli Nyoni
A mutilated and decomposing corpse of a man, who is alleged to be a police officer based in Nkayi was found in a bush in Luveve last week.

Children who were looking for firewood in the bushes near Luveve High School reportedly stumbled on the corpse and then rushed back home to report their unfortunate find.

“The kids were looking for firewood but when they came back they were singing a different tune and that’s when we decided to go and validate their claims,” revealed a source identified as Ncube.

The children’s encounter with the dead body was made even more traumatic by that its right hand was missing.

“The corpse appeared to have been dumped there by whoever killed him and what was even more terrifying was that the right hand was missing,” added Ncube.

Thereafter, speculation among residents was that the incident was witchcraft-related due to the gruesome way in which the corpse had been mutilated and disposed of.

A resident identified as Dingani Moyo spoke to B-Metro.

“Some of us are convinced this is a witchcraft related case because why would anyone want to be in possession of a dead man’s hand?”

While some suspected witchcraft, others suspected a deal gone bad as one of the witnesses revealed to the B-Metro crew.

“The victim is Shepherd Mhlanga, a police officer from Nkayi and I guess this unfortunate incident was a result of a deal gone bad between him and omakorokoza,” said the source.

In addition to a missing right hand, the victim also had a hole on the right side of his stomach. It was speculated that it was due to ingestion of cyanide. The victim allegedly also had dark fluid oozing from the wound.

The victim is said to have been found in the morning lying face down and local authorities were alerted.

“The news about the corpse travelled fast because people still came even after the police attended to the issue, with many trying to catch a glimpse of the crime scene,” added the source.

Police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident. “The corpse found has since been identified and buried but I’m in no position to give out names,” she said.

She said the missing hand could have been eaten by dogs, as such ruling out  the witchcraft suspicion from the public.

“The hand is suspected to have been eaten by dogs,” she added.