Pole dancers challenge strippers

Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya
IN an entertainment industry where competition determines who stays afloat, a new breed of pole dancers from Bulawayo is setting a new rivalry tone.

Claiming the new turf, dubbed Jaiva Sexy Dancers, comprising Hot property, Subaru and Ayanda, the pole dancers are determined to revive a resounding hype.

Unlike stripping, the new self acclaimed pole dancing queens who launched their group in the first week of November don’t believe in nudity to raise fun bars.

Setting a new tone characterised by sexually suggestive dance moves and pole manoeuvres, the group is already carving a name in Bulawayo’s night life.

After holding several shows every Tuesday at Extreme Bar the group manager, Bukhosi “Mr Jaiva” Nyathi said that the group was receiving overwhelming support.

“The group entered a challenging genre where strippers are dominating the fray. At first we thought they were not going to make it, but they have so far proved that they have the mettle to dominate the scene for a long time,” he said.

Jaiva added that as pole dancers the group had to pull more inspiring moves to draw a permanent signature.

“The challenging part is that pole dancers don’t strip, but of course they have their outfits to act the part. As a result they have to pull more convincing dance moves, to outdo strippers who heavily rely on stripping to make their mark,” said Jaiva.

Despite being the first group from Bulawayo to pursue pole dancing, Bulawayo revellers are accustomed to the genre, as a result the trio is slowly but surely making their way up.