Poisonous cassava claims 4-year-old

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A FOUR-year-old died while three other family members were hospitalised at Gokwe District Hospital after consuming poisonous cassava.

Rosewetter Savado (4) died before arriving in hospital barely two hours after eating the cassava on Sunday.

Grandmother to the now deceased Sindiso Mashambadoro of Maranga Village, under Chief Chireya in Gokwe bought some cassava from another villager and prepared them for lunch.

Mashambadoro ate the cassava at around 12pm, together with her daughter Eveline Savado and her twin children, Rosemary and Rosewetter Savado.

a�?At around 1pm the quartet started suffering stomach aches and vomiting. As they prepared to go to the hospital, Rosewetter collapsed and died on the spot.

a�?The rest, through help from neighbours, managed to get to Chireya Mission Hospital where due to their serious conditions were transferred to Gokwe District Hospital. They are still admitted there,a�? said the source.

Acting Midlands Province Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident.

a�?We received a report of suspected food poisoning which occurred on Sunday in Maranga Village. A family consumed food that is suspected to have been laced with some poison.

a�?A four-year-old, Rosewetter Savado passed on before they reached Chireya Mission Hospital for medical attention. Sindiso Mashambadoro, her daughter, Eveline Savano and her child, a twin to the now deceased, Rosemary Savado, were further referred to Gokwe District Hospital,a�? she said.

In March, 13 people from Filabusi in Matabeleland South province died in just nine days while six others recovered in hospital after consuming poisonous mushrooms.

Eleven of the dead were members of a Mberengwa family who consumed the poisonous mushrooms while the other two were from a family in Filabusi. westhroid vs armour.