Plumbers save day-old baby

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BULAWAYO City Council plumbers saved an infanta��s life when they accidentally came across a dumped baby while in the line of duty.

They found the day-old toddler dumped inside a septic tank on Monday at Nkulumane 12.

a�?For some reason we decided to start our daya��s work in Nkulumane. We could have started somewhere else, I guess it was a calling to start there,a�? said one of the heroes on condition of anonymity.

Initially the babya��s heroes thought it was dead only to be surprised to hear the baby making sounds.

a�?At first we thought he was dead, but he made noises, thata��s when I knew he was alive,a�? said the plumber.

Thereafter, they called the police.

a�?We had to report the matter at Nkulumane Police Station. The police took the baby,a�? said another plumber on condition of anonymity.

One of the residents from Nkulumane 12, identified as Robert Banda, who witnessed the incident, said he suspected that the baby was not dumped by someone from within the area.

a�?I believe this baby was dumped by someone who does not stay in this area. It was a fully-developed baby. We know almost everyone who is close by who is pregnant, we could have noticed,a�? he said.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident.

a�?We received a report about a day-old baby that was found by BCC plumbers at Nkulumane 12. The baby is in good condition and is currently at a local hospital. We are yet to locate its mother,a�? she said.