Pilgrimage to a�?Sex Mountaina��

Patrick Abboud films on Gunung Kemukus, otherwise known as Sex Mountain in Indonesia, where thousands make a regular pilgrimage to have sex with strangers. Based on a legend dating back to the 16th century, they believe seven visits and prayers to the adulterous prince Samudro will bring wealth and luck.

a�?Please grant me great financial good fortune . . . please give me lots of money to pay my debts,a�? regular visitor Mardiyah prays at the temple.

a�?If I get lots of money, Ia��ll go to Mecca, thata��s my ambition,a�? she tells Patrick.

Many of the pilgrims are marriedA� a��adulterous sex is condoned at the holy site according to the custom.

If they cana��t find someone to sleep with, some pay prostitutes. Rooms by the hour are for hire at this Islamic holy site.

a�?I dona��t tell my wife. Therea��s no way shea��ll find out,a�? one pilgrim tells Patrick on camera.

Ita��s a very Javanese blend of religious ideals a�� with Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist influences.

Sex Mountain brings in thousands of dollars and even has the backing of the local government, but ita��s too much of a contradiction for some.

a�?The Islamic religion forbids it, but they dona��t want to know that,a�? says Sex Mountain expert Professor Keontjoro Soeparno. a�?Theya��re more interested in profit, they leave religion behind.a�?

With sexually transmitted infections on the rise, the pilgrimage may be creating more social problems. -Newsbite walmart pharmacy prices cialis.