Peter Moyo: Dhewa is a brand too big

Peter Moyo on stage with his band in Bulawayo last week

Peter Moyo on stage with his band in Bulawayo last week

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SUNGURA musician Peter Moyo said the music brand which was left behind by his late father, Tongai will never die as wished by his critics who are on record claiming that he was far from reaching his fathera��s level.A� He said his fans should be patient with him as he was still trying to find a formula to a�?fullya�? fit in his late fathera��s shoes.

The Young Igwe, as Peter is affectionately known by his legion of fansa�� passionate plea came after some fans protested against his performance at a Bulawayo hotel last week.

Missiles rained on the young man from all directions as he was struggling to rise to the occasion.
In an interview after his performance, Peter said the legacy left behind by his late father would not die as long as he was still active in the music industry.

He said Dhewa was a brand too big to be destroyed.
a�?I know my critics are on record castigating me saying that I will not match my fathera��s boots when it comes to music. But for your own information when my father died he was in his 40s. That is also the time he was starting to receive rewards from the industry.A� People should stop comparing me with him since I am still way below that age when he started tasting his success. I believe with time I will fully fit in his shoes and enjoy success like him,a�? he said.

Turning to his music projects Peter who was in the city for the third time said he was working on a DVD for his debut album.
a�?I am working on videos for my debut album Mushonga Mukuru which are due for release in September hence this year I wona��t be releasing any new album. The songs in the album include Konzi, Tutsotso, Mira Newako, Pasirino, Barika and Mwari Wenyasha,a�? he said.