Pathisa Nyathi one of Bulawayoa��s greatest arts gurus

Nkululeko Nkala cypro.

ARTS and culture like any facet of an industry has its own guru(s). With that in mind, the mention of Pathisa Nyathi gets heads nodding in agreement that he is a real stalwart of arts and culture.

He is the fundi and voice of reason that hardly misses a step. He is the Michael Jordan of the field because everything to do with African culture is done with heart and soul by the former educationist.

Ever heard him talk about sex and how almost everything in the African culture is moulded around it? Well he will talk about anything culture with that much aplomb and leaves everyone satisfied. No wonder he sits in many boards in the country and is a guest of honour to many high profile events.

He is the founder of Amagugu International Heritage Centre which was founded in 2010 and is located 60km from Bulawayo. He runs the centre with his globetrotting son Butholezwe Nyathi currently in the United Kingdom who shares the same dream.

When I first visited Amagugu it was because of the usual a�?lets support one another as artistesa�?. We barely expected much, I mean who starts an international heritage centre just like that?

From that year on, I occasionally visit for a variety of arts related reasons. Outside of the food fair which is my favourite as it also empowers the people of Matobo, I also look forward to the braai on the rocks. The mountain hike may not be one of the easiest things to do, but once you are up there it is an amazing view.

They have also introduced the schools festival which I am sure will also grow to a festival of repute. A few years back they embarked on a project with Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) which saw them empowering and strengthening Rural District Councils of Matobo, Beitbridge and Mzingwane.

The icing to Amagugua��s strength is here below in a write up from Unesco.

At the invitation of Unesco, Amagugu International Heritage Centre (AIHC) participated as an observer at the 7th General Assembly of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention held in Paris, France from 4a��6 June 2018.

Article 9 of the Unesco ICH Convention provides for accreditation of advisory organisations with recognised competence in the field of intangible cultural heritage. AIHC becomes the first Zimbabwean institution to be accorded the accreditation status.

NGOs accredited by Unesco provide advisory services to the Intergovernmental Committee in the framework of the 2003 Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention. In particular, NGOs participate in the identification and definition of intangible cultural heritage; the drawing up of inventories; the elaboration and implementation of programmes, projects and activities and the preparation of nomination files for inscription on the Lists.

Accredited NGOs play important roles at the national level, working with communities, states and other stakeholders to help implement the ICH Convention and thereby assist in the safeguarding of ICH around the world.

By virtue of accreditation, AIHC has become a member of the ICH NGO Forum, a body of NGOs that fosters communication, networking and partnerships between and among NGOs.

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