Pastor pictured violently stepping on worshippers

A PASTOR at the controversial Rabboni Centre Ministries has been photographed violently stepping on worshippers, who are apparently lying facedown on the floor.
The social media is abuzz after horrific and brutal pictures emerged from the church.
The church led by Pastor Daniel Lesego grabbedA� the headlines earlier this year when it emerged that the congregants had been convinced that eating grass would help them a�?to get closer to Goda�?.

Now pictures showing a Pastor Alex from Soweto jumping on people as they lay on the floor have been published on the churcha��s Facebook page.
a�?Pastor Alex showed great faith when he paced towards the congregants, who were earlier called to sleep by the Man of God, and stepping and jumping upon them. He was handed a microphone and thereafter the sleeping congregants began to wake up and sleep as he commanded them,a�? the post explains.

This was reportedly after the Pastor Alex stood up from the congregation during a Tuesday service and expressed the need to perform the same miracles as the a�?Man of Goda�? (Pastor Lesego).

The post also mentioned that Pastor Alex was a first time visitor at Rabboni Centre Ministries, adding that none of the congregants had been injured during the a�?demonstration exercisea�?.

One of the people who had been stepped on, Thandi Alset from Mabopane, reportedly told the congregation that she had not felt a thing through the entire exercise. a�� Sowetan/

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