Pastor fumes over mini skirts

Gibson Mhaka

A pastor with a Pentecostal church in Hwange last Sunday reportedly sparked outrage among his congregants when he allegedly blasted female congregants for coming to church wearing mini skirts and revealing dresses saying such clothing was satanic.

Female congregants reportedly reacted angrily, claiming the pastora��s fury portrayed them as promiscuous.

They complained that there was nothing wrong with wearing mini skirts when going to church as long as they abided by Christian principles of good morals and faith.

Sources from the coal mining town said the pastor stunned his congregants when he said in last Sundaya��s service that indecency had become the order of the day in the church as some women were coming to church dressed in mini skirts and revealing dresses which do not exemplify the dignity of a Christian.

a�?The pastor said any attire which exposes intimate parts of the human body, especially areas that are of erotic functions was obscene and pornographic hence they should not be allowed in church. He said women should not come to church wearing miniskirts and revealing dresses as they distract other people from worshipping.

a�?He reiterated that certain intimate parts of the body cannot be exposed except for a spouse in a private place adding that God encourages people to dress decently,a�? said the source.

The infuriated pastor reportedly said short skirts in a church were a depiction of Satanism.

The pastora��s controversial sentiments came barely two weeks after some women took to the streets of Harare to demonstrate and voice their concerns against touts who harass women in mini skirts, especially at commuter omnibus ranks.

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  • Parasmento

    it is actually stunning when a person claims that wearing mini skirts is one’s rights. When will such people learn about true morality. the church is not a place to display one’s body but a sanctuary of the Lord which need not be defamed.

  • Zwe Moyo

    Good for a change….for a minute I was expecting the headline to say, ”Pastor demands congregants to wear mini-skirts,” given the morale decay of today’s so called pastors.
    While it is everyone’s right to wear what they like, my take is that in God’s sanctuary we dress as modest as we can. There is a time and place for everything.