Pastor bashed at a�?smallhousea��sa�� homestead

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An Ambassador of Christ International Ministries pastor was allegedly assaulted at his smallhousea��s homestead.

The man of the cloth, Reuben Ndlovu (35) is based at Kenmaur in Lupane.

It is said last week on Monday at around 10pm, Ndlovu visited his alleged smallhouse Tracy Tshuma ( 25). But he never knew that his sexual escapades were about to be exposed.

His rival Dingani Moyo arrived an hour later after his arrival at his lovera��s homestead.

It is said Ndlovu jumped from the bed and tried to hide behind the door, but Moyo noticed him.

It is alleged he then pummelled him with a knobkerrie all over the body and he sustained serious injuries.

The matter came to light when Ndlovu reported the assault case to the police.

Moyo appeared before Lupane magistrate Ndumo Masuku facing assault charges.

Moyo denied the charges saying they fought at Tshumaa��s homestead.

a�?I found him at my wife-to-be bedroom hut in a jogger short. I got angry because he had betrayed my trust by sleeping with my wife,a�? he told court.

However, Ndlovu shot down the allegations saying Moyo was lying.

a�?He is lying. Moyo found me at Tracy Tshumaa��s home at around 4pm. I was there to visit one of my congregants who was not feeling well.

a�?While I was in the room after having prayed for Tshuma, Moyo stormed into the house and started accusing me of having a sexual relation with his lover. He hit me with a knobkerrie all over the body and an unknown object on the head,a�? said Ndlovu.

A medical report will be produced in court. Moyo was remanded out of custody to 6 September.