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Pantyless election day campaign fails

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IT was supposed to be a pantyless Election Day, but they turned down the call!

In a survey done by this publication on Election Day, most women revealed that they were wearing their underwear despite the call to go commando on the day in question.

During a Spiritual Solidarity Tea for Dr Thokozani Khupe which was well attended by women from different political parties, it was agreed that women should not put on underwear as a reminder not to vote in a wrong way.

Unfortunately, the call did not yield any positive results as the women did not only not wear underwear, but also went to vote for men.

During the campaign period, a group of women managed to put their political differences aside declaring that 2018 elections were a simple thing for them as they were just going to unite and vote for female candidates only.

Nocebo Mkhwananzi said: a�?We heard that all women were expected not to wear panties on Election Day, but decided not to listen because it did not make sense. With or without the panty, when I come to vote I will be knowing my favourite candidate.a�?

Another old woman from Pumula East said that feared bluetooth sex and there was no way she could go out in public without underwear.

Women had different excuses for putting on underwear and there were some who were not even aware of the pantyless campaign.

Efforts to get a comment from Dr Thokozani Khupe and Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga to find out if they had gone to vote without panties were fruitless as their mobile phones were not reachable.

In trying to justify the move of a pantyless election, it was said that, in African culture it was common that if a woman strongly disagrees with what is happening, they express themselves by lifting up their dresses and therefore going pantyless was another way of showing that women were fed up of being ruled by men.

a�?In our culture if you do not like your son-in-law, on the day he comes for lobola negotiations, you lift up your dress to express yourself. As women, we are lifting up our dresses for men because they have exposed us to a level we cannot tolerate,a�? said Misihairabwi-Mushonga then. on line pharmacies. rx canada without prescription. canadian drug sales. where to buy cialis in costa rica 254.