Constance Matutu

Panty shoved in smallhouse’s privates

Danisa Masuku 

A Bulawayo woman, Constance Matutu (22), became a spectacle of shame when she was assaulted and underwear shoved into her private parts.

This was after the victim of humiliation had gone to collect her results at a local tertiary college.  While there, her alleged lover Reuben Mumbire called and arranged that they meet at the college’s gate.

The unsuspecting Matutu agreed and went to the gate. But she didn’t know that she would be turned into a spectacle of shame.

In a statement she gave to the police Matutu said:

“Reuben arrived with his wife Rossie Mumbire (49) and asked me to get inside their car.

“Rossie started accusing me of having an affair with her husband, shortly after that she started assaulting me.”

Matutu added: “Rossie took her husband’s underwear and inserted it into my private parts saying I have to feed since it is my boyfriend’s clothing. Thereafter   she tore my under- garment and gave it to her husband (Reuben) but she later gave it back to me and tore my dress.”

How did she manage to escape from Rossie’s grip?

“Later on I asked to call my younger sister and she released me. That’s when I ran away,”she said.

The value of the damaged property was $50. Matutu made a report at Kumalo police station leading to Rossie’s arrest.

Rossie appeared before magistrate Kudzanai Ndlovu facing two charges –assault and malicious damage to property. Nathan Marime represented the State.

For her crimes Rossie pleaded guilty and apologised for her actions. She paid $50 to restitute the damaged property.


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